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Huffy Cranbrook Mens

  • 24999

  • Ideal Rider Height: 5" to 5'10".
  • Handlebar: Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips and a swept-back position that enables better posture while riding.
  • Seat: Padded spring saddle is positioned for a lower center of gravity to create a more comfortable riding position.
  • Fenders: Black fenders redirect splashes from the ground to keep you dry.
  • Quick Seat Adjustment: Quick-release binder clip makes it easy to adjust the seat height as needed.
  • Brakes: Easy-to-use coaster brake; simply pedal back to stop.
  • Tires: Black 26" cruiser tires.
  • Rims: Steel rims complement the bike's classic look.
  • Pedals: Dual density Krayton pedals.

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