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Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 912 Integrated Chain Lock

  • 8799

  • 9mm four-sided chain links made from 3T MANGANESE STEEL
  • Patent-pending END LINK DESIGN secures chain to hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability
  • Hardened DEADBOTL DESIGN provides additional protection
  • HIGH SECURITY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER is pick and drill resistant
  • Patent pending integrated lock head with "TALON" DEADBOLT
  • Includes 2 NEW ERGONIC "I" KEYS
  • Durable WEATHER-RESISTANT nylon sleeve prevents scratches
  • Key Safe Program
  • Product dimensions: 47.25” (120cm) chain length
  • Product weight: 6.7 lbs (3.04 kgs)

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